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Hey hey! Welcome to our very first blog post. If you have been following our journey on instagram, we’ve decided to start blogging to get our thoughts and information out there on a different platform as well as our podcast episodes.

For those that don’t know us, we are a brother sister duo, Natasha and Fabio or as we like to be called Tash and Fabz. 

Fabz owns his own digital marketing agency called Shuttle. He has two beautiful children; Zenio and Aluna and is married to his wife, Ali. 
Tash is a teacher by trade who is currently on maternity leave/working for their Swimming Pool Building business called SEQ Swimming Pools. She has a beautiful, cheeky girl Penelope and is married to Kody. 


We created The Perfect Parent Doesn’t Exist to share parent stories, hacks and support for Parents by Parents. We are here to keep it real and raw with what parenting is really like. Our main goal is to share with our parenting community (you guys!) a safe space to ask and answer those questions we are ALL thinking but never say, to show that the perfect parent doesn’t exist and that parenting is a HARD journey that no-one is the master of. We don’t know about you but we think they misplaced our parenting handbook when they handed our babies over 🤪 

We hope that you enjoy our episodes (which you can find on our podcast tab if you haven’t listened yet) and can’t wait to continue our journey with you all through our blogs. We have some exciting new things coming so make sure to follow us on instagram and subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss a thing!


Much love, 

Tash and Fabz 


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